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This just shows how her determination has had the most amazing ripple throughout communities. Poetry is often not seen as ‘mainstream’ however the beauty of the writing is so powerful. Great piece about an incredible person. Thank you.

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Another beautiful biography. Love reading about her life and work.

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Kate, this is one of my favorite writers ever! Thanks for the great post. Her anthology of work - Blacks - is often off my bookshelf for research or just some fun reading. I really love the way she describes places like the hair salon as well natural images - like pigeons. She has a lot to say about the beauty of Black culture and women as well as reflections on everyday life.

I didn't know she was visiting so many places as you explain here, and it was interesting you said drug rehab centers, because there is this beautiful film from the Robert Pinsky Project with a man from Boston who talks about this kind of influence from the poem "We Real Cool" - just a few minutes, worth a watch for any of your readers. I've showed it to endless high school students. :)



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