A Narrative of Their Own is a weekly newsletter discussing the lives and literature of women.

As an independent scholar in modernist women’s literature, I write essays that are well-researched, thought-provoking, and accessible to all: think academic but with a conversational tone.  I bring my personality and experience to my writing - as a woman, a feminist, a mother, and a writer.

Free subscribers will receive a weekly essay sharing women’s stories of the past and present, as well as delving deeper into the issues affecting women today. I also run regular community threads, fostering a welcoming space for subscribers to discover new books and literary connections.

Paid subscribers also get access to my popular end of the month review of great reading, writing, watching, and listening, as well as regular updates on themes relating to my research. A yearly subscription works out at less than £2 per month, and really supports my work.

As I operate this newsletter as a labour of love alongside my other work, I value the support of subscribers to help me to spread the important stories of women.

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Essays on the lives and literature of women, written & researched by an independent scholar of modernist women's literature.


Essays on the lives and literature of women.